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Designed For Ages 0-11

Resources to encourage imagination and education. Not just in Maths, English and Science but all aspects of life.

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Homestead Hippie Pillars 

Sustainable Living

Health And Wellness

Parental Support

Play And Imagination


Homestead Hippie mottos and missions...

  • Teach A Generation

    Educate children on topics deeper than Maths, English and Science, look at education as a whole.

  • Save The Planet

    Teach children how to live in a sustainable way, at one with the world we call home.

  • Live A Healthier, Happier Life

    Give children tools needed to look after their own physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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What Type Of Resources Do You Get?

There are a range of modulesinside the Homestead Hippie membership. All seek to educate children. Today you can access free resources on these topics...

  • Sufficiency And Sustainability

    Teaching children how to live more sustainably and look after the environment we call home

  • Independent Learning And Play

    Workbooks and activities designed for children to complete by themselves, developing independece

  • Sensory Activities And Experiments 

    As well as being fun, these activites are great for learning how to follow instruction and work with others

  • Human Performance

    Resources teaching children and teens health, wellness and mindset. Including vital life skills like cooking

  • Occasion Activities 

    Special occasion activites including Christmas, Easter and Halloween 

  • The At Home Survival Kit

    Designed specifically for those crisis schooling in the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic

Tablet and Phone Compatible 

Whilst we believe in limiting screen time and blue light, some resources can be viewed and downloaded onto tablet, phone, laptop and desktop. 


Science experiments, messy play and E-books can be used digitally. 


Siobhain Little

Founder And Creator

BSc Sports Therapy, Pilates Instructor, Home Education Diploma, Early Learning Diploma, Child Psychology Diploma, The FA Safeguarding Children Certification

Hey Tiny Human Keeper!


Siobhain here. I created this membership a number of years ago to give free resources to parents, teachers, homeschoolers, tutors and orphanages to teach children how to live a healthy and sustainable life, by way of play.


From there it has developed into the ultimate family hub with something for every member of the family. Homestead Hippie is divided into 4 modules providing tools and resources for Holistic education to create happy, healthy and independent adults.


This free module is called A.B.Seedlings. Designed for children aged 0-11, all resources are free and printable and are specifically tailored to encourage independent thinking and imagination.


This flexible form of schooling and education blends the Waldorf module with a classical approach, and a little sprinkle of Homestead Hippie.

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The most loved resource from the A.B.Seedlings module

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Homestead Hippie will always provide Holistic Education for children worldwide for little or no cost. This is our promise to you! 

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